We are committed to continuing to meet the educational needs of our students, and staff are working hard to provide continuity of teaching and learning through our Off-Campus Learning model as long as needed through this current crisis. Therefore, tuition fees for Term 1 and Term 2 will continue to be incurred.

We are, however, aware of the emotional and financial impact COVID-19 can have on some families. If you are facing a significant change in circumstances resulting in financial hardship due to COVID-19, I encourage you to contact our accounts office via email or call the general office ph. 54366777 and ask for Gael Martin. Gael can talk with you about your individual situation and let you know how we can support you through this time.

While information will be requested, we can assure you that your privacy will be respected throughout the process.

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Meet our CalCC Finance Team

Mrs Gael Martin

Finance / Accounts

Mrs Tenille Peni-Hudson

Finance / Puchasing

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